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Private Building Inspectors Melbourne

Concrete slab with wire-frame overlay - For more House Inspections Melbourne visit our Pre-Pour Concrete Slab information page

Pre-Pour Concrete Slab

Start the build of your new home on the right foot. A pre-pour slab stage inspection goes through various checks thoroughly

House framework against a blue sky - Home Inspections Melbourne

Frame Stage Inspection

We ensure your home has been built correctly to the Engineers requirements and to Australian Standards

Inside a new building with wall frames & exterior wal ls - Melbourne House Inspections

Lock-up Stage Inspection

Carried out prior to plastering and if brickwork is complete and cleaned it can be inspected

Waterproofing construction - Residential Bui lding Inspections Melbourne

Fix-out and Waterproofing

The Fix-out and Waterproofing Inspection checks over plaster and cornice lines to ensure it meets Australia Standards

Front door or nearly completed property - Construction Inspections Melbourne

Final Pre-Handover

Thoroughly check over brickwork, fascia, guttering, flashings, windows, glazing and garage doors and various other checks

Dual sink bathroom in new bui lding - Independent Bui lding Inspector Melbourne

Maintenance Stage

The final inspecting that ensure that brickwork, fascia, guttering, flashings and doors are all operating properly

Smooth yellow finish of corner of house with windows - Melbourne Bui lding Inspections

Our Story

Be Sure Inspections is a business established by Ivan Smith. Ivan starting in the building industry in 1983 as an apprentice carpenter and then worked as a sub-contract carpenter for a number of years doing framing, lock-up carpentry and fixing out homes. 

He then went on to become a Quantity Estimator, Sale Estimator and then an Estimating Manager. After a number of years estimating he became a Site Supervisor and was quickly promoted to a display home supervisor and then promoted to a Construction Manager. Ivan went on to become a Regional General Manager for a major volume builder.

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