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Be Sure Inspections is a business established by Ivan Smith. Ivan starting in the building industry in 1983 as an apprentice carpenter and then worked as a sub-contract carpenter for a number of years doing framing, lock-up carpentry and fixing out homes. He then went on to become a Quantity Estimator, Sale Estimator and then an Estimating Manager. After a number of years estimating he became a Site Supervisor and was quickly promoted to a display home supervisor and then promoted to a Construction Manager. Ivan went on to become a Regional General Manager for a major volume builder.

Over this time Ivan has developed a very good eye for detail and has become extremely knowledgably regarding The Building Code of Australia,  The Australian Standards, The Acceptable Standards and Tolerances and different manufacturers installation guides for things such as roof trusses and floor joist systems etc.

Feel comfortable in the knowledge that the person that you are communicating with and the person carrying out the inspection on your home is the owner of "Be Sure Inspections" and has your best interest at heart to make sure you get the home you deserve.

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